Welcome To La Trinité 6 Metres!

DSC01778And the event is officially underway! The Opening Address and Musto Welcome Cocktails are in progress in the Regatta Marquee here in La Trinité Sur Mer and with 43 teams registered there is a fantastic buzz is the air as the crews prepare for the Société Nautique de Genève’s Annual Regatta at Sea, which takes place this weekend, and the International 6 Metre World Championship that follows starting on Monday.

The teams were welcomed to La Trinité Sur Mer by the President of the Société Nautique La Trinité (SNT) Jean Poitou and the Mayor of La Trinite Jean-François Guezet. They highlighted the maritime traditions of the town and said how proud they are to welcome 6 Metres from across the globe for their World Championship.

Tim Russell, the Secretary of the International Six Metre Association (ISMA), paid tribute to Jean-Pierre Blavec, the former President of SNT who was hugely instrumental in bringing this event to La Trinité and sadly died before he could see his vision realised.  He also expressed the gratitude of the class to Stefan O’Reilly-Hyland, President of the French Six Metre Association, who has led the organisation of the regattas on the French side, but sadly cannot be here due to injury.  He also particularly thanked the seven teams who have travelled all the way from North America for the event.

Leading those North American teams is Matt Brooks, President of IMSA and owner of the Classic Six Metre Lucie.  Matt concluded the formalities by thanking our wonderful hosts, all the teams for attending, our generous sponsors and the many volunteers who make the regatta possible.  He then assisted Cyrille Cremades of Musto in presenting each team with a goody bag of gifts before the Musto Cocktail Party was declared officially open.

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