Interesting Developments In Vancouver Ahead Of 2017 Worlds

Vancouver2While we wait for some racing action here in La Trinite we’ve been having a chat with some of the team from Vancouver who are with us gathering information for their event.

Our spies tell us that there are several Six Metre refits, both Classic and Modern, underway in the Puget Sound area in preparation for the 2017 Worlds.  Amongst those we can expect to see out racing again soon are Starwagon, Goose and Sockeye, and Pacemaker has just relaunched after a two and a half year restoration.

These will join what is expected to be a 30-35 strong fleet coming to the line for the first Six Metre Worlds in the US Pacific North West since 1979.

We’ve also been talking to the team about arrangements for those shipping boats to Vancouver from Europe and they confirm that they are working on shipping packages from several key European ports.

On the charter front there will be plentiful Classics and some Moderns available to charter at a range of prices.

englishbayVancouverIn terms of what kind of weather and sailing conditions we can expect at that time of year we’re told to expect day time highs in the mid 20s C with great thermals building every day to about 15 knots.  The race area could be as close as just 100 metres from the club docks and the race courses will be right in front of the main public viewing area so that spectators can enjoy the racing from ashore.  The race area will be in English Bay, which is protected so offers idea racing conditions for Sixes.

More details about all of this will be posted in due course on www.

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