KC 10 Gallant, ex. Talizman, ex. S 58

Gallant, was designed in 1947 by Arvid Laurin and built by Plym in Neglinge, Sweden for Harry Nystrom. Laurin was considered a radical designer in his time and created only 3 sixes; Sinkadus (1939), Gallant (1947) and Trickson VI (1948). Gallant was only sailed for a few seasons in Sweden before being imported to Canada by George Cuthbertson to Lake Ontario.  Nick Jako later owned and sailed her on Lake Ontario from 1973 until 2004, when she was purchased and rebuilt by Eric Jespersen Boatbuilders, of Sidney, British Columbia. In her, Eric Jespersen, with his father and son as crew, won the 2009 Classic World Championships in Newport, Rhode Island. Eric later sold the boat to Rainer Muller, who asked Eric to defend her World Champion title in Helsinki at the 2011 Worlds where she finished 2nd. Next, under Ross MacDonald’s direction, Gallant won at the 2012 European Championships inNynashamn, Sweden. Gallant most recently competed in the 2013 World Championships at Flensburg, Germany, where she won the Robbe & Berking Sterling Cup and placed 7th of 24 entries in the Worlds, helmed by Don Martin. Gallant has been in Europe for 3 seasons and will remain for at least the 2015 World Championships at La Trinite before returning to Vancouver, Canada, the site of the 2017 World Championships.

2 Responses to KC 10 Gallant, ex. Talizman, ex. S 58

  1. Dr. John C. Draper....John says:

    My family owned/ raced her “Gallant” in Hamilton Ontario Canada in 1962-1965 at Royal Hamilton Yacht Club. Prior to this, she was owned by Magistrate Robert Morrison, also from Hamilton
    Mr. Morrison went on to purchase “Bibis”.
    I think, that Mag. Morrison bought her directly from G.C.
    I have some pictures and provenance for her if you are interested.
    At the time our family owned her, she was beautifully restored, stripped down to bare wood and varnished- her keel was painted a ” rust red” colour, with a white waterline stripe with a red stencil through it.
    Her sail # was ( and still is) KC10, I suppose….
    I saw George Cuthbertson, last July, ( 2013 ) at a 6 metre re- union at RHYC.
    George is alive and well, and related to me, that he imported her to Canada, on ” Spec” and the deal allegedly fell through while she was on her way…..part way across the ocean!
    Love to hear from you.


    • John Hooker says:

      Judge Morrison did indeed buy Gallant directly from G.C.
      Gallant was purchased from Dr. Drapers family by Dave Beattie of National Yacht Club in Toronto in 1966. Dave raced her for a number of years before selling her to Mr. Jako. Mr. Jako used to picnic on shore with his family adjacent to Gallants mooring at National Y.C. in Toronto. He continually sought to buy her and Dave finally gave in when he was able to replace her with Aphrodite, a Rhodes 27. I had Gallants line drawings and sailplan framed after Dave passed away and they used to be displayed on the walls of the old National Y.C. clubhouse.
      Legend has it that Gallant was damaged while loading in Scandinavia for shipping to Canada. Damage was to the port side of the bow. She was returned to Pym’s for repair where they had some of her original planking stored. The repair was very close to invisible, even when sanding in varnishing her, which I did a few times. She then continued her journey to Canada. I know nothing more until I started sailing her with Dave Beattie in 1967. She had one of the first aluminum spars ever seen in Canada. It was very heavy and extremely stiff and was fastened with machine screws throughout, which required regular inspection. Missing the backstays on a gybe wasn’t an issue most of the time.
      It’s a joy to know that Jespersens restored her and that she remains racing, and quickly too.


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