Click here for the RYS Regatta Guest Information Pack which contains a host of useful information for regatta visitors.

For boat logistics and arrival information in Cowes, please contact our event manager and logistics coordinator, Jess Gray (jessicagraypr@gmail.com), with your timings and requirements.

If you are transporting your boat from North America or Europe to the UK for the event, and require assistance with customs documentation and/or road haulage, please contact Steve Franklyn, Global Operations Manager Racing at Peters & May (Southampton), stevef@petersandmay.com or call +44 7825 713141.

Your 6mR can be exported from Europe into the UK on an 18 month temporary basis and customs paperwork for the export from the EU and import in to the UK (subject to UK Customs approval) can be arranged with the help of Peters & May. However this does require your yacht’s certificate of registry and the owner’s declaration of value for the boat.

Please contact Steve (as above) for further details so that his team can help you with your specific requirements.